Top tips to get the perfect winter wardrobe

I don’t know about you but I am finding these morning school runs a little bit chilly and I think it is time to change my wardrobe and dig out the good old winter favourites. I don’t want to get rid of some of my trusty clothes so how can I transform my everyday wardrobe into a wondrous winter wardrobe?

The Footwear

Its time to put away the sandals, trainers and open toed shoes and brush off your stylish boots. I absolutely love my Mystery Boots by Hotter Shoes for comfort but I also need to add some lovely lined lace up boots which would be great on those wet or snowy days.

The layers

My all time winter wardrobe essentials are my hoodies and jumpers. This means that when I am staying at home I can still wear a lot of my summer tops and just add an extra warm layer over the top. However when I need to leave the house I need some practical and stylish outdoor clothing that looks great and keeps me warm. Lots of layers is a perfect way of making an outfit suitable no matter where you end up. 

Warm legs

You don’t need to pack away your skirts and dresses the minute you feel a cold breeze on your legs, why not invest in some leggings or thick tights to add warm and still be able to wear the dress you love. You can even get tights with patterns in to liven up your look. 

The accessories

If like me you have pretty boring clothes, mostly one colour and with no patterns on them then your winter wardrobe accessories can really make an outfit something special. Think thick patterned scarves and don’t forget your touch screen gloves so you don’t get cold fingers whilst on Facebook.

The most important winter wardrobe item – Coat

Your winter coat is more than likely going to be the most expensive item in your winter wardrobe and you need to make sure it can go with most of your clothes. Choose a solid colour that is complimentary to the season and make sure it is lovely and warm.
Hopefully with these tips you will be ready for winter. If you have any other ideas on how to have a warm and stylish winter wardrobe please do let me know, after all I need all the help I can get.