Literacy Issues

Today I read an article on Yahoo News regarding the literacy and numeracy levels in childminders and nursery staff and to be honest I wasnt that shocked.

Whenever I look over Alison’s learning journey or see her day sheets from her very expensive nursery I am appalled at the poor spelling on even the simplest of words and it always has me worried about the quality of the teaching there.

This is one of the reasons I am retraining to be a childminder, I believe that I will do a much better job of educating my daughter and any of the other children I will mind. The quality of staff in nurseries is not just limited to this nursery unfortunately and both of the nurseries I have used since the girls were born have had this issue with some of their staff so why do we pay so much money for our children to be cared for by illiterate staff?

At the moment I am only talking about spellings and I suppose I have always just thought, “hey they are not teaching my children how to spell what harm can it do?”

However this report also mentions numeracy issues and that is something that I see as a major problem. Now the report mainly focuses on those looking to enrol on a early years course and I have to say that after my basic skills assessment that allowed me to register for my childminding course I too had suspicions regarding the quality of childminders that are out there.

To be able to be registered onto my 6 week childminding course I had to have a level 1 english and mathematics which really isnt that hard and I would have hoped that they might have increased this to a level 2 which is supposed to be GCSE standard although I am sure it was a lot easier than my GCSE’s were.

Where is the education of our preschoolers going when we are allowing this level of education to be responsible for some of the most important years of our childrens lives?