Bloggers Brain

Now as most of my readers are parents and almost certainly the largest majority of you are mummies you will nod your head knowingly when I mention Mummy Brain. Apparently it doesnt exist, but we all know better dont we.

Mummy Brain affects us from pregnancy until I would say sometime around the second birthday of our last child although some will argue that it continues for a while after this in a milder form.

Mummy brain is said to occur because we get distracted, because our brains are concentrating on all the things we need to think about for the baby or child and how to keep them safe, warm, fed and happy. This means that we forget why we put the car keys in the fridge or why we went upstairs.

I felt that my brain was coming back in the summer of last year but then something else happened, I started blogging and now I suffer from something that is not widely talked about.

That’s right I am suffering from Bloggers Brain. To do a public service I thought that I should share the symptoms with you to help you with self diagnosis as not even the doctors cant help with this condition.

Symptoms of Bloggers Brain

Inability to concentrate when doing non blogging tasks
Random blog titles and ideas come at the most inconvenient moments
Inability to think of said blog titles or ideas when sat in front of your blog
Inability to sleep due to blog ideas
Waking up in the middle of the night with blog ideas
Not remembering any blog ideas in the morning
Physically attached to twitter at all times
Do things just so you can blog about them
Take photos of things jsut so you can blog about them
Talk about blogging to anyone who will listen
Refer to blogging/tweeting friends by there blog/twitter names
Celebrate when going to a blogging conference (who would normally even want to go to a conference?)

I know there are more Bloggers Brain sufferers out there so I thought we could form a support group. Please get in touch if you feel you need help and support or even if you have recognised any more symptoms of this social life killer!