Life is hard again

This last week I have been procrastainating. I have been trying to ignore what was going on around me and I have written a few really rubbish blog posts just as a way of distracting me from what I really should be writing about.

As you might be aware Elizabeth is currently undergoing some more horribly intense Chemotherapy. She is three weeks in and she is suffering, she is picking her fingers again, licking her bottom lip and itchy all over. She has a horrible cough and is really tired.

I now remember what it was like when we were in hospital. I had almost forgot just how ill she had been. Being at home and seeing the old her appear has wiped away those memories and they have come flooding back to me over the last few days.

Thankfully she is still eating which was one of our concerns at the beginning so at least that is one thing not to worry about.

Right now though I am about to bundle her into the car and take her to the hospital for another check up. I think she might need blood and I really want the doctors to listen to her chest.

I will let you know how it goes.