Am I MAD enough to win a MAD Award?


So what exactly is a MAD award?

Well its an award for Mum and Dad bloggers that comes in different categories. I have looked and pondered and I have finally decided that I would love to be nominated for the Best Family Life Blog.

The award for this category will go to  the blog that capture everyday family life with all its fun and challenges.

Well we have certainly had lots of challenges to overcome within the last year and I always try to focus on our everyday life rather than the huge Elephant in the room that is Elizabeth’s cancer.

Having fun at the zoo, baking in the kitchen or spending time as a family in Butlins I write about the times that really mean something to us as a family.

So if you are stuck for someone to vote for or if you are a member of my family then click here, fill in the form and vote for me as the Best Family Life Blog