Kids Self Care with Cool Maker

With every adjusting to new normal self-care is more important than ever and this especially the case for children. 

We were recently set the Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon and Hollywood Hair Extension Sets which are perfect for an evening of pampering and self-care. 

Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon set contains a nail stamper with attached dryer, 5 different patterned pods, 2 non-toxic nail varnishes, a top coat varnish and an instruction manual. It is aimed at children aged 8 and over and requires four AAA batteries. 

The salon stamper comes in three parts which need putting together which is really easy to do. 

To begin you simply need to paint your nails with the varnish, which comes in a choice of pink or blue and wait for 5 minutes for them to dry, using the dryer to the side of the stamper to speed it up. After the 5 minutes is up the nails will still be slightly sticky and you need to be careful not to dent them. 

Then it is time to choose your nail pattern and pop the pod into the machine. There are 5 fun designs to choose from including puppies, butterflies, dots, stars and my favourite, the multi-colour animal print. They are very easy to swap over so if you can’t decide on the one you have different designs on each finger. 

To use the stamper you pop your painted nail on the finger guard and press down hard on the top button. Then remove your finger to reveal your new nail design. 

Along with the pretty manicures, you can remove the finger guard and do your toes a pedicure too. 

As they are non-toxic, you don’t need chemicals to remove them as they simply peel away.

There are lots of different nail design sets aimed at children, however, this has to be my favourite. There is no mess, the salon is easy for children to use by themselves and the results are very cute. 

Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Set 

The Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker contains the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker, 12 extension ribbons in different designs and colours, 2 marker pens, a curling wand with 2 rollers, a spray bottle, 2 extension holders 5 hair clips and the instruction manual.

It is aimed at children aged 8 and over and requires two AA batteries. 

To begin you need to first select the ribbon that you want to make into your hair extension. The set includes seven plain and five patterned ribbons including animal prints, different coloured stripes and crosses and more. 

You can also customise the plain ribbons with the two included marker pens included. 

Once you have decided on your ribbon and customised it, it’s time to put the Hair Extension Maker in action. To use you simply the lid, thread through the ribbon loop first and attach the cog to the machine. This is really easy to do and the instruction has a great diagram to follow. 

When the ribbon is correctly loaded you close the lid, press the button on the side and sit back and watch the creation of your extension. If you’re keeping your extension straight, simply cut off the end, attach the clip and pop into your hair. 

If however, you want a curly extension, the set also contains a heatless curling wand. To use wrap the extension around the sponge curler, fill the included bottle with water and spray the extension 8 times. Remove the roller from the wand and leave to dry for two minutes. 

Once dry gently unwind the extension, trim the end, and attach the clip. Although ours was curly when it was first removed the wave did drop once it had been cut, I fear it was due to us spraying too much water on to it and messing around with it before it had set. 

The Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Set is a lovely creative set. Just like the Go Glam Nail Salon, it’s mess-free and very easy to use. It is also great that you can store your extensions in the bottom part of the machine which itself is an ideal size for storing. 

With both the Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon and Hollywood Hair Extension Sets being easy to use and lots of fun together they are the perfect way to encourage the kids to treat themselves to self-care.