Five ways to get hold of cash quickly by selling your stuff

We have all faced cash shortages. Life is full of unexpected expenses that can leave you with no money in the bank until your next payday. In that situation, you will need to get hold of cash from other sources and do so quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to do exactly that. Here are the fastest and easiest of them.

Sell your jewellery or coins that are made from precious metals

Most of us have jewellery or coins that we would not really miss if we sold them. These are super easy to turn into cash. All you need to do is to search for “sell gold near to me” to find someone that will buy them from you. Ideally, you want to use a company that will do everything online and via the post. That way, you will not have to worry about going into a shop and having contact with anyone else. Something which is important in the current situation, what with the pandemic.

Fortunately, firms that buy and sell precious metals online typically work quickly. So, you will usually get your money within days of selling your items.

Sell your old home appliances

It is also extremely easy to sell your old or unused electronics online. You can either sell them privately, using classified ads or the buying and selling groups you can find on social media. All of these work pretty well for household items like washing machines. You won’t get a huge amount of money for them, but every penny counts. If you have vintage household items then these are becoming popular again and could net you a decent price.

Sometimes it is even possible to sell broken appliances. Provided you do not mind spending a little time explaining what the problem is to someone you stand a surprisingly good chance of finding a buyer. There are people out there that buy old and broken appliances then refurbish or repair them and sell them on. So, it is always worth a try.

Sell your old phones

There is a big market for old mobile phones. Click here to learn about the various services that are available in the UK.

Sell on other electronics

It is also possible to sell on other kinds of electronics. You can get paid for your old laptops, e-readers, game consoles and much more. Firms like CeX take a surprisingly long list of stuff.

Sell clothes that you no longer wear

We all have clothes that no longer fit or suit us. Or items that we just don’t wear anymore. They can all be sold provided they are in reasonable condition. This article contains the details the 7 biggest firms that will pay you for clothing and fashion accessories. Selling your barely worn clothes is a great way to get a little bit extra money when you need it.

As you can see, it is now super easy to turn those items you no longer want into cash. So, if you are not selling these items on yet, why not give it a go?