Kids bowl free and Mummy gets to eat yummy food!


Summer holidays can be really expensive. Trying to find things for the kids to do that doesn’t break the bank can be really difficult.

When I heard that Dog Bowl were offering for kids to bowl for free on a Monday I jumped at the chance to go down. Not only do the kids get to bowl for free which is fantastic but I also get to eat more of Dog Bowls beautiful food.

Dog Bowl has five bowling lanes with balls ranging from a 6 upwards. What always surprises me the most about Dog Bowl is the supply of children’s available, with small sizes from 7 upwards and a ramp per lane available it really is family friendly.

Its a venue that doesn’t look particularly kid friendly but the staff always smile, they dont mind the kids climbing all over the furniture and a three course kids menu available for £6.50 including a drink they cer

The kids go free offer is valid for kids aged 12 and under and they must be accompanied by an adult although the adult does not need to be bowling. The offer will run from 12pm-6pm every Monday.