Improving Your Home Space with a Sofa Bed

We all know that space in a home is a premium but if you sometimes need an additional sleeping area it can produce a conundrum. In the past, a sofa bed was an uncomfortable and ugly option but that isn’t the case anymore. Not only have the designs of sofa beds improved but so has the sleeping experience.

There are many reasons for adding a sofa bed to your home space and it goes much further than just adding an extra bed when you need it.

Additional storage

Sofa beds are versatile and a lot of them come with additional storage that allows you to store the bedding away until you need it. This added storage can be a game changer if space is limited. This makes them a great option for small apartments or studio flats where storing guest bedding can cause a problem.

Saves space

If needed an extra bed is a semi regular thing then you may be considering an actual bed but the floor space that they take up can have a huge impact on a room. Having a decent quality sofa bed can allow you to use the space for more than sleeping and is a good option for a spare room that is also used as an office space. No matter how big your house is, sacrificing space for a bed when it isn’t in use every day is a real waste. A bed only really has one use so adding a multifunction piece of furniture is a smarter option.


Sofa beds of days gone by were notoriously uncomfortable for both sitting and sleeping but times have changed. Not only are the mattresses greatly improved to ensure a good night sleep but the actual sitting experience is now a pleasure. In fact, many people wouldn’t even realise that they were sitting on a sofa bed instead of a standard sofa. You can even buy an electric reclining sofa bed that is ideal for back ergonomics and include a leg rest, a must for any sofa I purchase.


Sofa beds are no longer all square corners and drab looking cushions. With many designs mimicking fashionable and even traditional styles you can easily find one that not only compliments but enhances the room. Even in large houses with spare rooms adding a sofa bed to the living room can improve the aesthetics as well as be functional.

Not just for guests

If a sofa bed is in one of your main living areas then it really opens up the uses. From a sick bed when you don’t want to stare at the same four walls to somewhere to snuggle up and watch a movie. A sofa bed can also be used as a space for younger children to nap on during the day or even a soft surface to play on. This makes them a great option for play rooms, games rooms and even the home office.

There are a lot more reasons why a sofa bed is better than a sofa but these are the most important ones to consider when making your choice.