I’m getting excited now!

Exactly 1 month today we will be arriving in Sunny (hopefully) Bognor, yes that is right we will be back at Butlins. I am thinking about it tonight because tomorrow i will be attending Cybher wearing my I love Butlins tshirt.
There are a few things we are really looking forward to on this break

1) Checking out the new Wave hotel prior to its opening in July and hopefully eating at the new Deck restaurant
2) taking part in the afternoon tea, will report back on value but Billy Bear shaped sandwiches have sold it to me
3) Katy from I Can Cook will be there and I cant wait to see this show
4) We are having a character lunch with Billy and Bonnie Bear for Elizabeth’s birthday.

Now the Character Lunch is one of the activities that divides parents at Butlins, it is £50 for a family of four for a three course all you can eat buffet dinner in the Premium dining restaurant, The Coast. We love them and happily pay it every time. The girls each get a photo with either Fireman Sam and angelina Ballerina or Billy and Bonnie bear (these are about £6 each normally), they get a gift each (averages about £7.50 per gift) and they get up close one to one attention from there favourite characters. They usually get a Billy Bear Balloon too (about £5 each).

For just a small extra charge we will have a table decorated by balloons and streamers and a cake, the red coats will also sing Happy Birthday to Elizabeth. This is the sort of thing that memories are made off and therefore worth every penny.

I am not sure who is more excited me or Elizabeth. With loads of new shows to watch and lots to see and do I will be keeping you updated but for now I am counting down the days and I will look forward to representing my favourite company tomorrow. If you see someone in an I love Butlins tshirt then you know who it is.

*The holiday mentioned was paid by me not Butlins but we are very excited. Butlins have sponsored me to attend Britmums by providing me with my hotel and train. They also provided me with the above Tshirt.