Blogging conferences – one down one to go!

Yesterday was Cybher day and unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last week I am sure you would have seen all the people talking about what they were going to wear. Well everyone looked lovely but there was one shock. I was the only person I saw wearing a sponsors tshirt.

Butlins sponsored me to go to Britmums (June 22nd/23rd) and when I found out that I was able to make it to Cybher I asked them to send me the tshirt early so I can also represent them there too.

I got on the train with my Billy Bear Backpack, my I love Butlins Tshirt and my Butlins lanyard with a small selection of our pin badges on it. I have to admit I did get some funny looks on the way but as soon as I walked through the doors people were complimenting me on my stylish tshirt! I am not kidding people loved it and the lanyard helped to entertain many babies as well as prevent me getting pin holes in my top.

As I talked to people and discussed my sponsor people began to realise the love and passion that I feel for Butlins. I have had a few tweets about my knowledge and a few of the Cybher sponsors commented that I was the perfect person to represent Butlins and that they chose very well. I would say that Butlins is the perfect company for me but then I think it can be the perfect company for anyone who is willing to give it a try and get involved.

So if you are looking at going to Butlins but not sure it is for you just give me a shout and I will help impart some of my knowledge. In the mean time here I am in all my Cybher/Butlins glory.

ps. Cybher was amazing but that is a whole different story.