I have a new project

This time last year I was preparing my house and garden to be child friendly ready to start childminding. Now my garden looks like a play centre, it is full of toys and play equipment that are too small for my girls.

We have a play house that they don’t use because there is always spiders inside, we have one of those tiny gym cubes with a slide and we have bikes and scooters that are tiny in comparison to them. Tomorrow they will all be gone.

We have been preparing the garden for a transformation, the grass has been cut and the weeds have been removed. I have put compost into the soil and all I am waiting for is for the frost to stop

So now I have a large garden with a freshly dug flower bed and all I have to occupy it is the girls trampoline. I was wondering what to do with it. Do I turn it into an adults haven for me to work in and enjoy on those gorgeously hot summer days when the girls are at school? Do I make it more of a party garden with a large outdoor BBQ or firepit to cook up a storm on or do I make it more family friendly, maybe add a swing seat ? I know what the girls would prefer.