15 days

Just 15 days and then we will have to say goodbye

I know it will be hard to say goodbye, you have been such a huge part of our life recently.

You need to go though.

We need to get on with how life was before.

Baths, swimming and climbing frames.

Yep that is right Wiggle is coming out. We have a date set and it couldn’t have come at a better time. On Thursday 28th March Elizabeth will be going into surgery again to have her Hickman line taken out. We go away the next day for a fun filled 10 days including going to Butlins. We will be able to splash and play and run around and not have to worry about wiggle getting wet or damaged.

We will be able to go out without taking a safety pack with us.

We will be able to be normal again.

and it is such a relief.

Elizabeth is not so sure though she loves her wiggle and she will be sad to see it go. It does mean that we can get our new kittens though. The girls have already decided that they want one each, one called Poppet and one called Katsuma.

I can’t wait. I love Kittens.