I don’t want to go!

Elizabeth has become very comfortable in hospital, she isn’t scared to be left alone and she is happy to let the nurses get on with what they need to do. She no longer fights when they want to do her blood pressure or even when they need to do a thumb prick. She showed me how brave she was this weekend when she had a cannula put in. In fact she loved that cannula so much that she was extremely upset when they took it out earlier.

Her operation to replace her wiggle went well yesterday although she is a bit of a mess with bruising around the area which I wasn’t expecting. She has taken it all really well and has even had a four hour long chemotherapy in today. Thankfully that meant that we were able to go home. That however did not go quite to plan.

Much to the amusement of the nurses and doctors Elizabeth did not want to leave, she kicked and she screamed, she climbed out of the pushchair and ran back to bed. This was not what I needed as I watched the time ticking by until I had to collect Alison from school. It was definitely a first for all the staff, normally they kick and scream on the way in not the way out. Thankfully the dad of one of the other patients took pity on me and as I carried Elizabeth down to the car he wheeled out the pushchair piled high with all of our stuff that we needed to take home.

Elizabeth screamed all the way out to the car. After she calmed down I found out that the reason she was so upset was that she still wanted me to sleep next to her. So I am once again relegated to the mattress on the floor but if that is what my baby needs then I will do that. For a while at least.