How to Make a Pet Friendly Home

Everyone who has a pet will, for sure, love them unconditionally. So it is worth investing in some things that can contribute to their health and happiness. In this article, we will go over several ways in which you can make a pet friendly home.

Consider The Flooring

If you have active pets like dogs or cats that are constantly running around your home regularly, then the general rule of thumb is that the harder the floor, the better. Tiled floors are virtually scratch-proof, and this type of flooring also provides a nice cool place for your pet to relax during the warmer months. Carpeting is not always the best option for pets. Cats tend to scratch at carpets which can make them look unsightly. Carpets also harbour a whole host of bacteria and hair. This type of flooring can cause a lot of human allergy issues too. Wood flooring is a great choice. Consider materials such as maple, oak, elm, mahogany, sycamore, or cherry. Be sure to keep your flooring in condition and keep your pets healthy by keeping on top of getting their nails trimmed too.

Avoid Whites

If you have a fluffy pet in your home, it would be best to avoid choosing light-coloured upholstery or delicate fabrics. This is particularly true if you have a dark-coloured pet, as your nice white couch won’t stay white for long. Leather is a great choice for things such as couches since this material is very durable, doesn’t absorb odours, and can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe down.

Keep Precious Items Out of Reach

Pets are very curious and inquisitive. With this in mind, you want to store all of your fragile and breakable items somewhere out of reach. Pets love to play and can get quite excitable, so it may be very easy for your precious items to become broken. So if there is anything that you treasure, make sure it’s out of sight and out of reach of your pets to ensure it stays intact.

Get a Decent Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a shedding breed of animal that requires a fair bit of grooming, you will understand the need to keep on top of vacuuming your home. Most pet owners will find that they need to vacuum the house at least once or twice a week, if not more. Brushing your pet regularly (preferably outdoors) will help to cut down the amount of shedding that occurs in the home. However, it won’t completely eliminate the need for vacuuming. It’s best to invest in a good vacuum cleaner to ensure it is capable of picking up all of those pesky pet hairs.

Hide Electrical Cables

Electrical cables can be dangerous to pets. In some cases, they may find the cables and chew on them. Other times they may be running around and trip over the cables. A thick cable protector would be a great idea for protecting the cables from chewing. You can find these at most DIY stores or through a simple online search. If you have any trailing wires, consider hiding these behind furniture or fixing them to the furniture with cable ties.

Remove Household Toxins

Any household cleaners, strong chemicals, or environmental insecticides that you own should be kept well out of reach and out of sight of your pets. In some cases, you may even wish to go the extra step and choose greener alternatives to your chemical household products. However, it is not only chemicals and cleaning products that you need to be aware of around the home. Many varieties of plants are poisonous to dogs or cats. Some of the most common house plants you need to be aware of are mistletoe, poinsettia, and philodendron. If you do have any toxic plants in the home, you should either throw them out or ensure they’re out of reach of your pet. If your pet does eat any part of a poisonous plant, it’s important to get them to the vet as soon as possible.

Invest in a Good Pet Bed

One of the best ways to create a pet friendly home is by ensuring that your pet is comfortable. You should invest in a good pet bed for your dog or cat to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible and to give them their own space to retreat to when they wish. There are many different types of pet beds that would be good for your pet. Choosing the best fluffy dog bed or best heated cat bed isn’t always easy. These can all be found in pet stores or through a simple online search to see the plethora of results that can help to make your pet feel more comfortable in your home.