Essential fixings for DIY projects

We’ve all been there… at the hardware store looking confused at thousands of different fixings and fasteners asking ourselves: “Which is the right fixing for my project?” Then, grabbing a set, putting it down, grabbing a different one, putting it down… until we ask someone for help. This used to be me (and sometimes still is – there’s nothing wrong with asking for help!).

However, with the help of Speedy Fixings, I’ve recently learnt a lot about fixings and fasteners, so I thought I’d share all my newfound knowledge with you. So, next time you’re at the hardware store or browsing online, you know a bit more about these essential fixings.

Who are Speedy Fixings?

As Motherhood The Real Deal explains, “Speedy Fixings are a local UK-based manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of products used in construction and DIY.” From small hardware, such as wingnuts and clout nails to larger hardware, such as fence post supports and holding down bolts.

Essential fixings.

There is a variety of essential fixings and fasteners that everyone should know about. After all, “Fasteners and fixings might not be the most glamorous parts of hardware but they are an essential part of any structure.” Comments Jenny in Neverland.

Plasterboard Screws

Also known as drywall screws, plasterboard screws are designed to secure drywall to ceiling joists and wall studs. These have deeper threads than regular screws, preventing them from being easily dislodged from the drywall.

Coach Bolts

Coach bolts, also named carriage bolts, are a must-have type of bolt for woodwork projects. These feature a mushroom head that sits on top of a square neck, preventing these bolts from loosening when being installed.

Buckets of Tea shared that coach bolts can be used for various projects. “These types of bolts are ideal to fasten wood to wood as well as wood to metal. When bolting two pieces of wood together, coach bolts will offer a neat and clean appearance.”

Wood Drill Bits

Wood drill bits are handy little fixings that help you quickly drill through a variety of wood types. There are a wide range of sizes and types of wood drill bits to suit your project’s requirements.

Coach Screws

Not to be confused with coach bolts, coach screws are heavy-duty screws suitable to fasten metal to timber surfaces, timber to masonry surfaces and timber to concrete surfaces. These can hold heavy loads in place. Unlike coach bolts that require a nut and washer to be fastened, coach screws can create their own thread or be fixed to an existing pre-drilled hole.

Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts can connect both non-structural and structural elements to concrete. These are heavy-duty fasteners that come in various types and sizes to better suit specific applications.

The Incidental Parent also recommends Speedy Fixings. “Whether you need expert advice for which fastener is best for your home renovation project or need a large order of custom-made products for a large project, Speedy Fixings will be able to help.”

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