How much TV do you watch? Test your knowledge with the UKTV quiz

​I love doing fun quizes but I absolutely suck at this one. As I don’t get round to watching much TV (always far too busy blogging  or answering emails) I was absolutely rubbish and scored just 10 points the first time I played and that was a fluke as I guessed the answer.

Anyway this fun festive TV quiz tests your knowledge on a variety of subjects and channels and is great for sharing with friends and family.  Spin the wheel and on each section you can choose from Easy (10 points), Medium (20 points) or Hard (30 points) questions.  You only have 3 lives and with up to 10 rounds you could get a maximum of 300 points which makes my 10 points seem even more ridiculous!

Let me know in the comments what  your score was?

Click the image below to get started