5 Housekeeping Secrets only your Grandmother Knows

Let’s talk about our mum’s mum and the secrets to the best housekeeping!

One thing that I have learned from my Nan is to be thrifty and resourceful when it comes to housekeeping. I remember her challenging me to clean the entire house the way she did it during her time. I wasn’t easy at first, but I appreciated it in the end. I am still applying my Nan’s cleaning hacks up to this day, and I also want my kids to learn them.

I’ll show you the top 5 housekeeping secrets that I was most impressed with, and I am still applying today.

Learn how to make your cleaning products

There is no need to buy expensive cleaning products to clean the kitchen or freshen up the bathroom. You will always find something in the kitchen cupboard such as baking soda or vinegar which is suitable for cleaning.

One of the most significant advantages to creating your own cleaning products is it can save a lot of money. It is also safe to use, knowing that you are well aware of the ingredients. Various DIY cleaning ideas can be accessed on the web to help modify your Nan’s cleaning solution.

Here’s a cleaning solution for disinfecting the kitchen sink and counter:

You will need:

  • A cup of water with white vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Few drops of essential oil (tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil)

Mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl. Use the mixed solution in wiping the sink and counter. Soak it for a few minutes and rinse.

Use washable cloth instead of paper towels

Instead of using paper towels and wet wipes to clean the mess, use thin towels or cloth that are washable. It saves money and also lessens the junk in your home. Microfiber cloth is an excellent choice as it absorbs dirt and can be cleaned easily after using it. It is also essential to wash and dry the kitchen cloth after cleaning to avoid contamination.

My Nan pointed out the top three reasons why she prefers using cloth instead of paper wipes which are:

  • It works better.
  • It is cheaper.
  • It is environment-friendly.

She’s right. The thicker fabric is more efficient when it comes to wiping thicker piles of dirt. Cheaper, of course, as you don’t need to keep buying new wipes. It also decreases the amount of clutter in your home.  All of these make sense.

Cut the dish sponge in half

My Nan is not that well off, so she’s always looking for ways to save extra to pay for other stuff. Cutting the dish sponge into half may sound like a crazy idea; however, she used to that during her days. I disagreed with the idea at first, but a smaller sponge is easier to use on smaller pots and dishes, allowing for much easier dishwashing. Of course, it gives you two sponges for the price of one!

Place rugs and mats on doorways

Prevent a big mess by placing rags and mats in doorways. It reminds everyone to take off their shoes and wipe their feet before entering the room. The amount of dirt will lessen, which means that you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning. Rugs can also filter the dirt that goes into your carpet. Lastly, you should also keep the rugs clean and dry all the time.

Clean as you go!

Cleaning as you go is an essential housekeeping secret that I have learned from my Nan. Leaving the dishes overnight was a big no-no for her as it left her with an eyesore when she got up the next morning. The clean as you go policy makes a lot of sense as it stops dirt build-up and keeps the entire house neat and tidy.

Deep cleaning is essential to ensure that the entire house is free from dirt, including the forgotten areas when cleaning. My Nan had also made me realize that cleaning would not work unless you get everyone in the house involved. It is also a way of training the kids to become responsible at an early age.

Final Word

The simplest household hacks are “the best housekeeping secrets.” We should probably consult our Nan’s housekeeping books for once. I am sure that we can all learn something new and useful, which we can integrate into our daily housekeeping routine.

Technology influences our daily life, and a simple cleaning task can be controlled remotely. However, we should bear in mind that, in some cases, the traditional way of housekeeping is still useful.

Do not forget your Nan’s housekeeping hacks. Impart it to your children and their children. Who knows? It could be useful in the future.

Happy housekeeping!