Hello my name is Adam and I am an addict

Yes you read that right it is Gaming Daddy of Two here not Tired Mummy of Two. I have been told that I have to make a confession. Apparently sharing is one of the first steps in the road to recovery but the problem is that I don’t think I have a problem.

However I have been put under strict instructions that I am to confess all here and see if you can help me.

My name is Adam and I am addicted to the DC59. 

Fancy technology inside the DC59

Since the missus brought home the DC59 a few weeks ago I have become attached to it. Every few minutes it seems to be in my hand cleaning up some small mess, maybe a cat biscuit that has strayed from the bowl or some hamster bedding on the side. It could even be just following the missus around the house vacuuming up all the hair she seems to malt everywhere.

I have always enjoyed cleaning and we tend to buy a new vacuum every year, as I love the
feel of a new one and the suction is always so much better. Up until now we have never had a cordless one so having to plug it in and set it up has always taken time. Now however I whip it off its charging station and it is ready to go. It is so good even the kids use it (although I watch on jealously, I mean I supervise to prevent accidents)
Since we got it the Missus has been complaining about my constant use of the DC59 (or my baby as I call it). It seems that her complaints were not unfounded. Last Saturday we had guests over for Christmas dinner. By the end of the night there was a running joke about the fact that I would start vacuuming at any moment.

What makes it worse is that I think she might be right. We are away from home at the moment and I have already mentioned the fact that I miss my Dyson three times! We only left on Wednesday and I don’t even have to do any cleaning!

Maybe it is time I got some help, does anyone know if there is such a think as Dyson Addicts Anonymous?

In fact it doesn’t even have to be anonymous. I think writing this has made me realise that maybe I do have a problem. However I think it is a good problem to have, after all what harm can come from constant vacuuming? and as the Missus pointed out at least it only has a 20 minute charge and then I have to leave it alone for a few hours.

One thing to look forward to is that when we get home it will be fully charged, ready and waiting for me!