Mario Kart 8 Blogger challenges – challenge 2: Design your own racing track

A few weeks ago we were sent Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U and as part of that we had to complete some challenges. We have already designed our own karts so this time we set about making our own track. This ‘Frozen’ inspired track is enough to chill anyones bones!
After heading off the start line the first obstacle you come to is a ramp with slippy snowflake shaped ice puddles and a large frozen pond to slide across. After the pond is the first set of ? boxes.
Next up is some speed up speed up arrows and a dark snowy tunnel.
Then we added a wheel changing strip which helps the karts to float across the deep snow. We pick up another ? box and go over a speed arrow before snacking through the track, watch out for the snowballs flying out of snowy mountains and the snowmen rolling across the road.
One last ? box pick up and a tight corner before heading across the finish line!
It is a great track and the girls were very set on including some classic track additions like the ? boxes and the speed triangles plus the new wheel changing strip. They enjoyed adding in obstacles that were true to the theme and they did come up with more ideas but our craft skills only go so far so we had to stick with what we had!

Our next challenge is to design our own weapon! Personally I hate the Blue Shell but can see its uses! What would your ideal weapon be?