Have you ever considered diet supplements?

Just over three months ago I was asked if I would like to put XLS Medical Max Strength to the test. I would be given a 12-week course of tablets and a weekly chat with an XLS dietician to support me along the way in exchange for my honest experiences at the end. I decided to return to Slimming World at the same time to help me get my head into healthy eating and being weighed regularly. 

I have looked at diet supplements in the past but never committed to trying them due to the cost so this trial really appealed to me as it allowed me to see if they live up to the hype. 

Now I had no side effects from taking these tablets which you have to take twice a day 30 minutes before your meal but I did find I struggled to take them at the right time to begin with. Lucky for me I had a weekly phone call with someone from XLS who recommended setting some alarms on my phone as a gentle reminder. I also used the small travel case to ensure that I had the tablets with me wherever I went.

I have to be honest and say I am not sure if these would have helped me if I wasn’t also trying to follow a healthy eating plan but I can hand on heart say that they have increased my weight loss on my good weeks and protected it on my bad weeks. They have meant that I have not given up no matter what the summer holidays have thrown at me and after the 12 weeks I had lost just over one and a half stone. This is a huge deal for me as these are the months where I have the most challenges and I can really feel that these are supporting me to speed up my weight loss and keep me motivated. The only other change I have implemented is the use of the Water my Body app which helps remind me to drink the correct amount of fluid each day. Drinking the recommended amount of fluid is really important in general and it has helped my skin look so much healthier and I feel a lot more alert.

In fact, I have admit that I am going to keep on taking XLS Medical Max Strength for the rest of the year alongside following Slimming World as much as I can so that I can look my best when I go to Florida in December. I promised myself that this will be the year that I finally lose weight for good and seen as I have managed to get through the summer holidays without any large diet disasters it finally seems achievable all thanks to these little pills, a lot of willpower and a healthier outlook.