Having fun making a Hexbug Habitat

We were sent a tank, gravel, stickers and some modelling clay to create the perfect habitat for our new Hexbug Aquabot Seahorse. Alison received a purple Seahorse which she absolutely loved and for one whole hour I didn’t hear the words “I’m bored!” which is pretty much a miracle these summer holidays.
Alison is definitely the creative type and she soon got to work making seaweed out of modelling clay, because Seahorses need seaweed to hold on to! Who knew she actually absorbed the information from when we visited the Sealife Centre?
She used part of the Hexbug Aquabot packaging to add to the habitat and even planted some seaweed on it. She decided to call her Seahorse Lloyd after her favourite Lego Ninjago character. She also created a blue modelling clay snail that she named Mavis. 
When she had finished she was really proud of her Hexbug Habitat and she loves going over and tapping the glass to make Lloyd start moving again. You can also run your fingers through the water or touch the Seahorse to start it moving again. 

This is the sort of activity that I would never have thought of doing but we had so much fun doing this and the new Aquabot Hexbugs are absolutely fantastic. I will be trying to think outside the box for future activities because this really has been a lot of fun, now just to get through the rest of the Summer holidays with out the dreaded boredom creeping back in.