How you can still have adult time whilst being with the kids

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand the importance of having adult time and while this is usually carried out when the kids are at grannies or you’ve roped in a babysitter to look after your little monsters for the night, there are some days where you need to find a way to have adult time while the kids are still there. With the bit of relaxation time you get, why not spend it playing some online table games like these over at Dream Jackpot. Adults need time without their children being there, but sometimes this just isn’t a possibility for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can truly immerse yourself in adult time whilst the kids are in the room.

Online Gaming

One of the best ways to really zone out and have your own adult time is to switch on your tablet, settle on the sofa and leave the kids to play on their own, on the floor in front of you or in their rooms. As long as they are trained to not always be dependent on adult attention and interaction in order to play, this is a great way to start to relax and have your own adult time. You can set up an account such as on an online bingo or casino site, and whether you deposit money is up to you. You will find that the hours of cleaning up after the kids time is quickly relieved as you slip into a state of gaming or gambling. If you find yourself really enjoying it, you can nurture your skills and stay away from certain gaming myths such as some of the blackjack myths that people believe. You may even be able to get lucky and win, while still keeping an ear out for one of the children breaking something or hurting themselves.

Setting Room Times

One of the best ways that you can have your own adult time whether that’s by yourself or with your partner is by setting a specific time for when your children have to go to their room. They don’t have to go to sleep, although this is obviously preferable, but if your children have a set time that they need to go to their room for and then are not allowed to interrupt the parents unless it’s something urgent, then this will become set in stone. Your children are still there and you can ensure that everything is okay with them, but you can also ensure that you have the time to do what you want. Setting a bedtime routine is important, no matter how much of a struggle it is at first.

If your children are young, you can set this as early as 7pm, and as they get older increase this slightly to half 7, 8pm, half 8 etc. Then you can watch that box set that you have been meaning to start for a long time, eat the dinner you want at the time you want it rather than having to rush a meal at 5pm just to fit in with the kids’ schedule, and really just relax after a long day. This may not be the same as going out on date night, which you can still do when the kids have a babysitter, but it will ensure that you do get the time for yourself, when you need it, on a regular occasion.