Happy Birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop

With Elizabeth’s birthday in just a months time and so many holidays booked between now and then we have to squeeze our birthday celebrations in when we can. Build-a-Bear workshop were kind enough to offer us a contribution towards a party for 6 guests to celebrate Elizabeth turning six.

We were joined by friends and relatives and headed to Build-A-Bear workshop in the Trafford Centre where the lovely Jade hosted our party for us.
You can book Build-A-Bear workshop parties for a variety of budgets and the party host goes through different options and scenarios to suit your budget. With Bears ranging from £7 to £19 you can request a bear only party, a bear with accessory, a bear with outfit or any other combination of products. You could even specify which bear your guests are able to receive to help keep costs down.

We set a £30 limit which allowed the guests to choose any teddy and one outfit. Some of the children were able to choose an accessory as they chose lower value bears.
At Build-A-Bear workshop each of the guests stuff their own bears and add a special heart inside. There is a fabulous ritual that goes along with adding the hearts to the bears and it is always great to see the kids doing that. There was lots of different songs, games and general laughter going on and it was a great atmosphere.
Alison was fantastic at being able to get the most for her money after choosing Paddington Bear who was on offer for £9, she opted for pyjamas (£8), a dressing gown (£8)  and spiderman slippers (£5). It is amazing what you can get for £30 if you set your mind to it!
Here are the six Build-A-Bear workshop creations. I love how each child’s personality and imagination shone through.
They were all very happy with their creations although one of the children was a bit camera shy but his dog Percy the pug was happy to have a photo instead!
The best bit of the party for Elizabeth was when she had to sit at the front of the shop whilst everyone sang happy birthday to her. She has never really enjoyed being centre of the attention before and seeing her there with a huge grin on her face was fantastic.

The whole party from start to finish was a fantastic experience and as it doesn’t cost any more than the items the children buy it is extremely good value. I love the concept of the Build-A-Bear workshop party and this is the second time that we have held one. I love the fact that not only do they have a great time but that they get something special to take away, something that they will treasure and that will allow them to remember their day together for a long time to come. For six children our party came to £184 because I did allow Elizabeth to go slightly over budget on her teddy bear. It was the least stressful birthday party I have ever hosted as it required no set up, no organisation and no mess!

We always host birthday parties for my girls and we have tried a lot of different things. We mostly stick to parties at home now but even then by the time you factor in cake, food, decorations, party bags, balloons and entertainment it all adds up. I mean children’s parties can cost a small fortune but it is one thing that I won’t sacrifice as I believe a celebration for their birthday is important. However planning the right party certainly helps I mean take a party at a soft play area which lets be honest is a complete nightmare! You end up with more kids that you child actually gets on with because you have to meet minimum numbers and then you feel guilty about leaving someone out so you invite even more, they eat inadequate food, run around filled full of sugar and then at the end you give out a plastic bag full of rubbish that costs loads. Your child doesnt really take anything away from a party like that and no real memories are made. There are always good and bad examples of each but when next you think about organising a party I definitely recommend you take a look at a Build-a-Bear workshop one.

In the mean time I also wanted to share with you a great initiative that Build-a-Bear workshop are running call Huggable Heroes.
Do you know a child who goes beyond the call of duty to help others? Someone who through their own actions inspires those around them? The search is on at Build-A-Bear Workshop to find heroes aged 8–18 who deserve special recognition.

Nominate a young person making a difference before Thursday, 12 June deadline. Two winners will each receive a £3,000 scholarship and a £1,500 donation to the winner’s choice of charity. It’s a great way to celebrate your hero!

Tell us about the Huggable Hero you know by completing a nomination form along with the short answer questions. Visit a Build-A-Bear Workshop® store or buildabear.co.uk/huggableheroes