Hexbug Havoc app for iOS

In our house we have a little girl who likes anything that is meant for boys, whether it be clothes, shoes or even toys.  Alison has a slight obsession with Hexbugs, so when we downloaded the free Hexbug Havoc game from the App Store, she was instantly hooked.

So Hexbug Havoc plays very similar to the popular game ‘Temple Run’.  You swipe your finger left to right in order to change between three lanes.  At the same time you must avoid obstacles, collect gold coins, power ups and other Hexbugs.

The tracks are cleverly designed to resemble the actual tracks you use with the actual Hexbug toys.  You can also unlock additional track pieces the further you progress in the game.  As you speed through tracks you must watch out for boost grids, which helps gain more speed and therefore increases your score.  You have to be careful though it costs coins to continue with your run should you hit an obstacle.  I learnt the hard way and lost a huge chunk of my coins that otherwise would have been used to unlock other Hexbugs or kitting mine out with lots of add-ons.

I asked my girls what one thing they enjoyed about the game and they both said they liked the fact that you can unlock different coloured Hexbugs by using the coins you gain during races.  I myself enjoyed being able to ram other participants off the track simply by moving sideways into them or (my favourite) flicking my finger forward to make my Hexbug ram whoever is directly in front of me.

If you have a little one in your house who is Hexbug mad (and an iPhone or iPad), why not download this free and see what they think.