A short guide to Eyelash Extensions

In life, looking good is naturally something we pay very close attention to. Nobody likes leaving the house looking like they have just woken up, which is why we often put so much time and effort into our accessories. Jewellery, hair products, the attire we wear…everything we adorn is used to try and make us look how we wish. One of the most popular products that people tend to use today, though, are eyelash extensions.

If you feel like your luscious lashes lack length and quality, this simple guide should help you buy the correct solution. However if you are looking at staying natural then using an eyelash serum could be the answer.

1.     Eyelash extensions don’t last forever

For some reason, some first time buyers are under the impression that this is like a form of surgical graft. Eyelash extensions are temporary. This is something to expect. You could go to a salon and have them fitted or do it yourself with some bought online/offline. Either way, they will eventually need replaced as they will fall out.

So, be ready to buy a stock of eyelash extensions if you intend to wear them on a daily basis as these are not products that will stay on your eyelashes for weeks to come.

2.     Always know the product

Eyelash extensions come with all different styles and thickness levels. You want to find something that naturally blends in with the lashes already present. Make sure you look to the products description to ensure the thickness, length, colour etc. are going to be matching with the eyelashes you already have

Nothing looks more synthetic than someone with eyelashes which are a complete contrast to the lashes that they already have. Keep that in mind, and you should find it easy to locate eyelashes that are going to be suited to the kind of eyes you have.

3.     Using eyelashes to your advantage

Some people will use smaller eyelashes to make their naturally large eyes look smaller. Some will go for the opposite, and instead wish to make their eyes the visual focal point of their look. you need to decide what you are looking for.

Typically, someone who wants to minimise their eyes in terms of look will benefit from something in the 7mm range. However, someone who wants to help make their eyes stand out can go as long as 15mm. Keep that in mind, as the length has to be right to suit your eye style.

4.     Always apply eyelashes without makeup

Many people make the mistake of trying to apply eyelash extensions after you have done your make-up. We recommend that you either attend your salon appointment without make-up or you apply them at home without make-up. This is because it can stop your eyelashes adhering especially well, and it can actually limit their visual appeal.

Once on and actually worn in full, though, eyelash extensions can have make-up put on/around them without it impacting the look. When initially putting the lashes on, though, be sure to avoid this particular decision.

5.     Always keep them dry

For 24-48 hours after having extensions put on, you have to find a way to keep dry. So, take care when drinking, always take care when washing your face, and make sure you don’t head out when it’s raining without an umbrella. Basically, you want to get the most out of these lashes so try and get them on and ready some 24-48h before attending any kind of major event.

In the two or so days after having them applied, unless they are disposable lashes coming off after one evening, avoid any kind of strenuous workout or activity that might make them wet.

6.     Avoid tugging at all costs

If you wish to make the most of those lash extensions, don’t tug on them at all. Unless you want to be holding those expensive extensions in your hand, avoid tugging at them at all. Not only are you risking ripping them clean off, but the impact can actually damage your old eyelashes to a huge degree. So, avoid going for anything that might tug at them or cause them to rupture; it can be hard to get them back on, and it can often cause collateral damage to your natural eyelashes.

Keep these factors in mind and buying eyelash extensions (and using them) should become easier!