Guest Post: Mummy needs a new phone

It’s coming around to the time of year when Mummy gets a new toy for me to play with. The old one has become scratched and dented and I am bored of it as it no longer challenges me in my quest to gain access to my favourite games.

I decided that I should give Mummy a bit of help in her decision so here goes.

Longer Battery Life

Running out of battery whilst I am half way through a game is not fun but running out whilst you are using the navigation function and you have no idea where we are is disastrous.

4G Ready

I want to watch my videos on Youtube and I want to watch them now. I do not want to wait for them to download at snails pace.

Decent camera

You see this face. It is the face of masterpieces and I want it captured it in all its glory. I don’t want blurry memories to look back on when I am older so this is a very important feature.

A bigger screen

If I could fit my tablet pc in Mummy’s pocket I would but unfortunately her pockets are just not big enough. So I want the biggest, brightest screen I can get so I can play my games in style.

Touch free control

Yep a phone I can control without even smudging the screen now that is awesome. Check out the new Air gesture feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4. I can change the music or move around webpages with no dirty fingerprints.
See five simple features that make life as a child playing with a smart phone a lot easier. I am sure there are lots of lovely features for Mummy as well and lots of apps like Twitter and Facebook and whatever else she plays with when she tells me she is busy.   She can even get some great accessories for free from the Carphone Warehouse if she pre-orders it now.