How to have a stylish home – when you have Children

If you’re looking to do some home improvements and create a beautiful space to enjoy and relax in, but you need to make sure it’s also child friendly, then check out some easy tips for combining interior style and family life. Having children does not mean that you have to compromise on having a lovely home. By following this simple guide there will be no need to be jealous of your friend’s immaculate houses any longer.

Create Extra Storage

If your family has extended since you last did any home improvements, then you are likely to be looking for clever ways to create extra storage space. Whether you are looking for storage for children’s toys or storage for your wine, there are a lot of options available. Use your imagination and utilise all the space you have in each room, for example, if you have any ‘fake drawers’ in your kitchen, these could be used for electrical outlets or as a kitchen roll holder.

Also look at multifunctional furniture – such as a bookcase with a hidden wine rack. Half tables are also great as they do not take up too much room but give you an extra surface to work with. Shelves can also be useful to keep items out of the reach of little ones.

Buy the Right Sofa

Buying a sofa is one of the most important investments you make when you are looking to improve your home. Opt for a quality company who offer customisable solutions to suit any family size and room. Shackletons allow customers to choose the style, size and fabric they are looking for, making them a good choice for sofas. Order some samples and see what will work best with your colour scheme. It is great to buy a sofa that you know will last you for years to come, and after all, having comfortable seating should be a priority.

Make a Play Area

If you have children you will need some form of play area to keep them busy. Keeping their toys and play activities in one room or even a corner will limit the mess and clutter that can be created during play time. Buy or make some toy boxes to keep your children in the habit of tidying their belongings away, a toy box that can double as a seat or that can be wheeled away would work well.

Let us know what home improvements you have made recently, and how you house has adapted to family life.