Guest Post: How to choose the right mattress for your kids

As parents it’s fun and easy choosing a nice bed frame, the bed sheets and the cuddly toys for your childs bedroom, but when it comes to choosing the mattress we’re a bit lost. The mattress is crucial as kids bones are still growing and they need maximal support. Children also sleep longer and deeper then adults which helps their memory, health and concentration when awake, which makes it so much more important that they get the best sleep possible.

Here’s a few tips and things to think about when picking the right mattress for your child.

The Mattress Type

The most traditionally used mattress for kids is the innerspring mattress. An innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil innerspring support system and then have different types of foams and fibers on top to provide comfort.

Memory foam and latex foam mattresses shapes and moulds after your body and springs back to its normal shape. A memory foam mattress reacts to body heat so it might feel cold and hard when you first lay down but it will reduce the air circulation around the body so will eventually feel warmer then a regular mattress.

The Firmness

A child needs quite a firm mattress to ensure a good posture and to support their growing bones. A firm mattress also makes sure the child’s spine develops properly.

The Durability
No children lay perfectly still while sleeping and they also tend to spend a lot of time in bed even when awake, they build fortresses and use it for playing, jumping etc. so investing in a good quality mattress is always worth it. If you’re on a budget try looking out for offers such as clearance mattresses at bedstar


If your child is sensitive and prone to allergies or have asthma, especially caused by dust mites and bacteria a real latex foam mattress would be ideal as they are naturally repellent to dust mites and is unconducive to the growth of bacteria. Alternatively, get a hypo-allergenic and antibacterial cover for your mattress. As children also tend to be quite messy, investing in a mattress cover can add extra years onto your mattresses lifetime.

A good mattress should last for at least 10 years so taking the time to really look into the mattress type before buying can save you money and ensure your child is getting the best sleep possible.

This makes the mattress without a doubt the most important piece of furnishing in your childs bedroom.

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