Top 5 PS4 games for kids

When the PlayStation 4 was finally unleashed on the world back last November, we quickly came to appreciate the big steps forward in terms of the next-gen games. Even though the PlayStation 4 is designed to be a media hub for the home, and a lot more than just a console, at heart it is still a gaming machine. Thankfully the graphics and immersive gameplay were everything we’d hoped they’d be and more.

If there was an issue with the launch of the next-gen consoles, it was the fact that the majority of the initial games were of a pretty adult nature. Plenty of guns, gore and grime but not a huge amount of family friendly fun. So we thought we’d run down the top five PS4 games that you’ll be happy for the kids to enjoy.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Probably the best of the family friendly games currently available on the PS4, LEGO Marvel Superheroes is pretty much the same game that was released on the PS3, but seeing it in super shiny HD makes the characters look even more impressive. It’s tonnes of fun and alongside the mini-fig versions of the Flaming Torch, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, is a great addition to any family’s gaming favourites.  

With the release of The LEGO Movie, the accompanying videogame is now available at GAME UK with a free PC download of LEGO: Batman and 50% of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes PC game. Plus with the surrounding furore of half term they put together a whole section dedicated to kids gaming.


One of the few exclusives that was included in the PS4’s opening line-up, this great-looking cartoon action platform game is fun and inventive. It offers a great new way of gifting collectibles between friends and is tough enough to keep them working at it for a good few weeks and months ahead.

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This is a game that comes pre-installed on the PS4’s hard-drive and it owes much to the Xbox 360 Kinect’s Happy Action Theatre. It uses the PS4’s optional camera to create well-pitched alternate reality games that will keep the kids happy for hours and could even persuade parents to buy the camera that’s needed. There’s a great ps4 bundle deal that includes Knack and the camera on GAME UK.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Anything with Star Wars attached to it must be pretty good, and Angry Birds Star Wars is brilliant, combining the physics puzzles of the most addictive mobile game franchise out there, with all the folklore of the original Star Wars trilogy. In many ways superior to the original Angry Birds, this is already a PS4 kids classic. You can get a copy at GameStop.

Just Dance 2014

Something to the get the kids nice and active. A great, fun party game with relatively easy-to-learn  choreography and plenty of popular songs that the kids will love. An excellent update on the dance games available on the PS3. With 47 new songs it’s available on all formats on Amazon.
So there’s our run-down of the top five kids games for the PS4. Some quality gaming for a rainy Sunday afternoon there, and remember, there are many more new games on their way for the PS4, so keep any eye out for developments.

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