Give your kids a head start with Education Quizzes

Both of my girls love a challenge, they love being stimulated mentally and always have. When they were younger we used sites such as Reading Eggs and Twinkl to provide them with this stimulation but as they have got older they have grown out of those sites and were looking for another place to challenge them.

I was recently introduced to Education Quizzes where the kids can find quizzes online that are suitable for their age groups. They can select the subject they want to study and get started straight away.

Alison is really enjoying reading and spelling at the moment and is in year 1 and with over 100 spelling tests in the Key Stage 1 area it will keep her busy for a while.

Elizabeth on the other hand is in year 3, hates English but loves Mathematics so the Key Stage 2 maths quizzes are perfect for her. It is great to see them enjoying taking the quizzes and they dont hate it like they do with their homework because they can choose what to do and when.

The Education Quizzes site has a huge range of quizzes and test papers that are suitable for children from aged 5 to 15 and includes Keystage 1 to 3, 11 plus and GCSEs. It is great for revision before a big test or to use on a more regular basis to give your child a boost. There are so many subjects on the site including some specialist subjects such as The Great Fire of London which was one of Elizabeths favourite subjects last year. She really enjoyed that quiz and got 10 out of 10 which shows that all the knowledge is still in there even though she has slept since then!
Not only is the site great for kids but it also has a section for English as a Second Language and could even be used by parents who want to be able to help their children with their homework. I know that it wont be long before I will have to refresh my knowledge on certain subjects to be able to keep up with the kids!