Marvel Universe Live announced even more dates!

A few weeks ago we head down to London for a special preview event where we got to meet three of the performers from Marvel Universe Live. We had loads of fun learning a few super hero moves, asking lots of questions and even playing on Disney Infinity with some of the new Marvel characters.
We had an amazing time chatting to the performers about the stunts they perform, what life is like on the road and all about their favourite super heroes.
We can’t wait to see the show and with even more dates now available there are even more chances for you to see it too.

Nottingham – 07/09/16 – 11/09/16
London – 15/09/16 – 24/09/16
Birmingham – 26/12/16 – 30/12/16
Glasgow – 04/01/17 – 08/01/17
Belfast – 12/01/17 – 15/01/17
Sheffield – 19/01/17 – 22/01/17
Manchester – 26/01/17 – 29/01/17