Getting my camera off Auto and onto Manual #LightsCameraCurrys

Today I headed to Manchester Photographic thanks to Currys to learn about all the dials and buttons on my camera. You see although I have a DSLR camera and three fancy lenses it pretty much sits on Auto all the time. However today I have managed to get my head around how to change the shutter speed, aperture and the ISO value. I knew all three of these existed and kind of what they did but when it came to how to change them on my camera I had no idea. 

Luckily for me the tutor was able to show me what to do and along with the 24 other bloggers we headed to Manchester Food Festival to put our new skills to the test. The 25 of us were split into groups of five and each group was given a task. I was in Group 5 and we had to capture the Vibe of the festival. 

Group 5 – Vibe

I like this picture as it shows so many people trying different foods.
This is my favourite photo, I had to put it in black and white as the lady in the middle had a bright coloured coat that detracted from the two subjects at the front. I liked the fact that loads of stuff was going on around them and yet these two sat ignoring each other and playing on their phones.
This picture shows the amount of people in the alcohol tent. I used a bit of editing to adjust the focus on this shot as I wanted the man stood up to be the main focal point as he was on a third.
I was trying to capture the monument in the background whilst using shutter speed to show how busy the festival was. It didnt turn out as good as I would have liked but I quite liked the composition.
Ok so its food but who can resist taking a picture of fudge especially as I couldn’t eat any as I am on a diet. This is chilli and chocolate fudge too which sounds and looks amazing!

I really enjoyed learning about my camera and I will now feel a lot more confident to take it off auto and see what pictures I can capture. I will also look into Lightbox to edit my pictures as using windows picture editor is just not as good as I want it to be. I want to thank Currys for organising the photography course for us and Manchester Photographic for showing me how to use my camera. You can can read all about the day on the Currys blog post.