Learn to Walk Baby Annabell

It’s always makes me smile when I see my two girls playing with dolls.  That way I get to see what they’ve learnt from us as parents when caring for another human being.  I’ve found that the more the doll interacts with them, the better their role playing games become.  So it was an absolute treat for Elizabeth and Alison when I received the new ‘Learn to Walk Baby Annabell’ doll from Zapf Creation.

Despite the doll retailing at £50.00, we were still required to insert our own batteries (4 x AA).  Once this was done and the ‘on’ button was flicked, the girls were able to start enjoying the varied sounds and actions Baby Annabell.  She can crawl, sit up and hold your childs hands whilst she walks.

In order to perform these actions though you first need to ensure that Baby Annabell is positioned correctly.  For example, in order to crawl Baby Annabell needs to be placed in the crawling position on the floor and ensured that her head is lifted up.  After a short pause the mechanism inside will make her start to move.

Baby Annabell also makes noises, such as babbling when she walks or having a tantrum when she’s sat down too long.  In order for her to start crying, your child will have to sit her on her bottom, with her legs straight and arms by her sides.  Fortunately, after 25 seconds she will stop crying and fall to sleep, albeit whilst being in the ‘sat up’ position.
To help Baby Annabell learn to walk straighten her legs, stretch up her arms and gently hold her hands. The motion does take some getting used too but Elizabeth managed to do it very quickly.
Baby Annabell does come with her own outfit, which is a pink romper suit and matching beanie hat.  Of course children are likely to remove these items when Baby Annabell does a pretend stinky poo, but it’s quite easy for a young child to put them back again.  I myself was hoping that it might encourage Elizabeth and Alison to stop asking daddy to put their socks on.

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