Four ways to revamp your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a safe space for you to relax. It is often the most personal room in your house, especially if you have a large family. The bedroom is your chance to play around with your unique interior style. You could mix it up and stray from the style in the rest of the house. You can display your trinkets, photos, and personal possessions. The bedroom is your place to wind down at the end of a long day.  

Here are four ways to completely change up your bedroom, and make it fit more with your personal style.

Utilise the space

It might be time to switch up the layout of your bedroom. You should make the most out of the space and find a focal point for the room. Your bed could sit in the centre of the room, and everything else can tie into it. Use fitted wardrobes to store clothing, shoes and accessories in an organised manner. If you can’t go with fitted, look for wardrobes with sliding doors. Storage is the key to keeping your room tidy and peaceful – say goodbye to that floor robe!


Greenery adds character and colour to the bedroom. House plants can brighten up your home and create a calming atmosphere. You could have a small bouquet of lavender above your bed to help you relax at night. Or opt for a peace lily plant to fill a bland corner of the room. Plants make your room feel more stylish without cluttering it with unnecessary décor.


Lighting is everything in the bedroom. You need to keep it light, bright, and airy. Dress the windows with lightweight drapes that perfectly frame the natural light flooding in. You can use blackout blinds in the evening to minimise light disturbances. Place a mirror opposite the window to bounce the light around the room and make it feel bigger. You can also play with heights in the room through different sized lamps. You could have an oversized floor lamp, bedside light, and fairy lights for a layered effect. Nothing says cosy like twinkling fairy lights, right?

Always go for soft yellow lighting in the bedroom. Harsh white lights can strain your eyes and make it difficult to relax.

Clever painting

Get creative with paint and add faux architectural characteristics to the room. You could draw an arch in coloured paint on a white wall. Or, you could make the room feel more vintage with faux ceiling mouldings.

Create your dream bedroom with a few simple changes, and relax in an ambience created by you for your own unique style and taste.