Cats vs Pickles fans rejoice – Now in store at B&M! AD

Ever since my girls were first introduced to Cats Vs Pickles they have become huge fans. At first, I couldn’t really see the point, I mean ok they are cute and they have great themes and even better names but why would you want more than one? Well, they soon grew on me and as a sensory toy, they work on so many levels. As you can see we definitely have more than one and although we have been gifted a few we have also bought quite a lot of these ourselves.

These super cute plush have some beans in them which give them a nice weight and add to the sensory pleasure of playing with them. Elizabeth keeps one in the pocket of her school blazer and fidgets with it when she becomes bored or anxious and it really helps.

Previously heading out to buy more Cats vs Pickles was a bit of a chore as they were on sale in The Entertainer and Smyths Toys both of which are quite far away. Now they are on sale in B&M which means we will be able to add to our collection whenever we want as there is one not far away.

There are so many that we want to add to our collection and personally, I am keeping an eye out for a few for me such as The Paw-nisher, Sour Menace and Arachna Kitty. It is hard to choose whether I would be Team Cat or Team Pickles so I am just going to opt to be Team Cats vs Pickles.

Cats vs Pickles are available as small plush which cost £4.99 and also as Jumbo and Huggers. You can find out more about the characters on their social media channels and even join the Official Cats Vs Pickles Facebook Group.