Family Time is precious

Spending time together as a family is getting harder and harder. Gaming Daddy of two works weird shifts and is usually working over the weekends and I am always busy but when we do manage to have a day off together we always try and do something all together.

One of the things we love doing as a family is going out for a meal to try new restaurants and as the Harvester are trying to promote spending time together as a family around the table it fitted in really well with us.

I have not been to a Harvester restaurant in ages but when I was younger it was where we went for special occasions and I always enjoyed it. 

Last weekend we headed to one of our local Harvester restaurants to sit down as a family for a meal and it made me realise how even that is not good enough. As I spent the time checking my phone for social media notifications and emails, Gaming daddy of two watched the tennis on his phone and the girls had a fight over the crayons. This was not the ideal family time I had envisioned.

As it is the Summer holidays and we have to spend more time together I need to work on ways that we spend time as a family and actually pay attention to each other.  I will ban technology during meal times and provide puzzle books that we can do together for the waits between courses but what else can I do? Spending time together as a family is important but it should be quality not quantity and we really need to work on making sure our family time is special as we don’t have enough of it at the moment.