Lamaloli clothing – Character clothes Bargain Prices

It always surprises me just how much kids clothes cost when I don’t shop in Primark or the supermarkets. As both of my girls are really in to character clothing we find that we are buying new tshirts and dresses on a regular basis but recently the kids seem to have both had a growth spurt so when I was approached to do  review for Lamaloli I jumped at the chance.

I have actually shopped at Lamaloli previously but that was when the site was in euros only which made working out the prices a little bit tricky but the new site allows you to review the items in sterling making price comparisons a lot easier. I was given a £40 voucher but with two kids o buy for who loved everything on the site I did end up spending more than that but with character pyjamas coming in at £6 I just couldn’t resist getting a few sets each.

Browsing the site based on the characters that the girls like was really easy and as I can sort it based on size too I was able to see exactly what was available that would fit which saves looking at things were out of stock in their sizes. As you can see from Alison’s shop she is really in to Star Wars and Skylanders at the moment and they had all sorts of fantastic items of clothing from these ranges. She literally wanted everything and narrowing it down to this was hard enough.

Elizabeth absolutely loves Monster High and it is one of those things that we don’t see very often so I was really impressed with the huge range of clothing she could have chosen from. Again getting her to just select a few items was really hard as she wanted even more.
Lamaloli offer free delivery with a certain spend and if you sign up to their newsletter you will get a £5 off voucher so it is worth giving them a go. I was really impressed with the quality and fit of the items that we ordered and they seem to wash really well. Make sure you check out the sale and clearance sections for some real bargains.

I really enjoyed our shopping experience with Lamaloli and we will definitely shop there again my own negative was not being able to sort by price. If I could have done that I more than likely would have spent even more as I wouldn’t be able to resist the bargains.