Elizabeth’s bedroom makeover

If you have been following me on social media this week you will have seen that Elizabeth asked for a new bedroom for her birthday including a new bed all in a princess theme. Definitely not easy on a budget!

However I was in luck and using the Ebay local app developed by money saving expert I found a cabin bed for collection only that had no bids on it. I waited and waited not believing my luck when I managed to win it for just 99p! It was just over 30 miles away but well worth the traveling to save so much money.

The cabin bed did have some damage particularly on the desk so I asked some friends on facebook for some advice and one of them suggested decoupage. Now I am not crafty but it seemed like fate when just the next day I found a brand new roll of flowery wallpaper for 50p at the local market. I googled decoupage and found that the paste could be quite expensive but a simple solution of one part pva one part water would work just as well.

We set up the cabin bed last night and apart from adding some crown wall stickers (£2.99) in the space near the stairs we left it until today.
Ignoring my inbox we headed to B&M in search of a hammer, alas no hammer was bought but I did pick up the PVA glue, more wall stickers curtains, lamp shade, a new lamp, bin, a chair and other pink accessories. In total I spent £55 but for everything we bought I was really impressed.

On our return I set about the transformation.
We also moved around her furniture and added this fantastic wall sticker that I ordered for her. It was the most expensive item but that is because I ordered it so big. I think it makes for a great feature wall and she loves it!
We still need to add a few finishing touches like a mirror, clock, some more wall stickers (for the actual walls!) and some new bedding but it is amazing how sprucing up an old piece of furniture has made such a difference. I think I am a convert to upcycling!

Cabin Bed Cost run down

Cabin Bed – 99p Ebay Local
Wallpaper – 50p market stall
PVA Glue – 99p B&M
Wall Stickers – £8.96 B&M and Amazon
diesel costs for 60 mile round trip – who cares 🙂
One very happy princess – Priceless