WearAll.com showing me what is fashionable

Those of you who have met me in real life will know that my wardrobe doesn’t vary much with a staple of jeans and the addition of either purple or black tops plus the occasional pair of leggings I am definitely not very adventurous. When asked to review some clothes I almost fell about laughing. Me, review clothes, they had to be kidding but after having a look at their site I realised that they might have the answer to some of my summer problems.

I hate wearing leggings because they stretch and most of the time you can see peoples knickers! Yet wearing jeans in the heat is almost unbearable. I saw some harem trousers on the site and realised that not only will they be extremely comfortable, they go well with sandals and I could get them in black, a definite plus point.

Having looked the shops with the girls to buy them some summer clothes I hadnt failed to notice that leopard print is one again in fashion and the bolero above adds a bit of colour to an otherwise plain outfit and prevents my shoulders getting burnt in the sun without being too hot.

As well as the black harem trousers and the leopard print bolero I was also sent a teal pair of harem trousers. I wasn’t so sure about them but paired with the right top I think they will add a splash of summer colour to my otherwise drab and dreary wardrobe.

The WearAll.com site is easy to navigate, full of choice and cheap too and I am going to spend some more time (and money) on there updating my wardrobe for summer even more!