Finding the best mobile deals for the family

When it comes to finding the best mobile deals for the whole family it is not a one size fits all task. Some of the family will be more interested in the latest handset than how much data they have whereas others will have high data usage.


Choosing the best mobile deals also means choosing the right mobile phone network. With so many options out there mobile phone networks are offering even more added extras to make sure that they are offering the best Mobile deals. Check out these extras offered by EE.

Share Data with the whole family

Although EE offers a lot of large data mobile deals we won’t really want to allow the kids to have huge data allowances. Being able to share your data allowance with family members means that you can have one plan with a large allowance and then share it with your kids when required.

Free Apple Music

Both of my girls love creating playlists and listening to music but the cost of signing them up to various music streaming apps can cost a fortune. EE offer six months of free Apple music and even covers the data that is used to listen so it doesn’t use up the data from your mobile data package.

Free EU Roaming

We travel a lot so being able to use our data in foreign countries without any charge is a real bonus. Both of my girls go a little bit crazy when connected to poor wifi so being able to use their data makes us all a lot happier!

Data Caps

Now the thing with kids is that they never really pay attention to how long they are online or how much data they are using. Being able to place a data cap on their contracts means that there will be no surprising bills.

Plus Free BT Sports App

To help keep the menfolk (or anyone who loves sports) happy then EE also provides three months free on the BT Sports App.

You can find some of the best mobile deals available on EE from Metrofone.