Do you Staycation?

This summer is all about having fun. It is about giving the girls some fantastic experiences and making lots of memories in the process. That is why I am spending most of the summer at my Mums house in Slough.

With so many fabulous pr events happening in London throughout August plus the use of our Merlin Passes for the Southern attractions it really will be a great month. We will also be at Butlins in Bognor Regis this time next week for three nights. Staycations really are part of our lives and Travelodge have now developed a great staycation app which tells you about your tourist area of choice including restaurants, tourist attractions, events and activities.

One of the areas included is Manchester and I decided to have a nosey around my local area. I find that you never quite know your home town as much as you think you do and I loved reading the Fun Facts and looking at the recommended restaurants. I love the idea of not just including tourist attractions as a staycation is about more than that. It is about areas of interest, museums, parks, restaurants and  local events. Its about joining in with the local culture and really immersing yourself in the environment around you and the app is a great way to start planning.

My family come up to visit about once a year and usually stay in the local Travelodge, I was talking to my mum about this app earlier and she reminded me about the night before my wedding.

A lot of my family traveled up to Manchester for our wedding the day before Halloween in 2009 and we booked 10 rooms in the local Travelodge for them all. Including one room for me.

We spent the evening in one room with fizzy wine, cheesy music, nail varnish and face packs. Lots of women, lots of laughs and lots of fun. Travelodge may not be the fanciest hotel in the word but it will always have a special place in my heart as it was also where we spent our wedding night but that is a whole different story.