Days like today

Days like today make me happy that I don’t have a job.

As I cycled the girls to school without a jumper on and I squinted against the morning sunlight I had images of relaxing in the garden with my laptop on my knee blogging, emailing and topping up my tan.

So here I am enjoying my garden and relaxing on my garden swing that I bought a few weeks ago from K and Co.

It was one of those things that I have always wanted for the garden and me and hubby had a disagreement about them. He said buy a cheap one from the local family bargains where as I am of the opinion that buying cheap on things like this is not good economy. Even he was impressed when we were putting it together. All of the nuts and bolts were shrink wrapped onto a piece of card so you couldn’t mess up which one went where and the quality of it is amazing. This has definitely been one of the best things I have bought for the garden so far and it was writing things like this that made it possible.

It has become a feature in our garden, the only problem is that it only has three seats and there are four of us so we fight over who gets to sit on it.

My Garden project has nearly finished now and all I need is for my flowers to come out and bloom and then it will be the perfect summer garden. Lazy weekends, Summer BBQ’s and working in the garden whilst the children play. Sounds pretty fantastic to me.