Creating The Perfect Dressing Room

Looking your best starts with a dressing room or space that is inspiring by being adorned with some of your favourite items, whether they are beautifully made fabric hearts filled with lavender or a small posy of fresh flowers to add a delicate scent to the room. However, being glamorous is a great deal of hard work and the task is made much easier by being organised so that you know precisely where everything is.

Clothes Rails

Storage is the first thing to consider and a large wardrobe with tiered shelving, easy to open drawers and space for boxes, is essential for keeping coats, dresses and other items of clothing tidily packed away. Turn alcoves into extra storage space by fitting rails for hanging clothes, leaving them on display for swift access, but use protective zip-up bags to help keep them dust free. Padded clothes hangers are not just decorative as they help keep the shoulder lines of jackets and blouses in perfect condition.

Hidden Storage

Plastic storage boxes provide extra space and can be stacked in cupboards or corners. Transparent versions are ideal for being able to see exactly what’s inside. Knitted items, particularly those of natural fibres such as wool or cashmere, are best wrapped in acid-free tissue paper before being placed in ventilated storage boxes. Lingerie can be expensive and deserves to be kept in protective bags made of natural cotton. A shoe rack that is hidden in a purpose built cupboard keeps footwear in an orderly manner and makes it easy to see your favourite pair of heels. If keeping them in their original cardboard boxes, it is sometimes helpful to glue a picture of the shoes onto the outside.

Perfumes And Cosmetics

Glamorous celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe, have always been in vogue and used as inspirations to everyone else. Try to capture the essence of a star’s dressing table by choosing one that is a comfortable height to sit at. Ideally, it should have several small drawers with inner compartment dividers that can hold make-up and accessories in an orderly fashion to help you find items without delay. Keep favourite perfumes at hand in decorative trays on the top but keep them out of bright sunlight. Essential items such as hairdryers and straighteners need a roomy drawer or cupboard. A linen basket for items ready for the wash, needn’t be purely functional. Look for one that has an attractive fabric cover or is made of wickerwork and painted to tone in with the décor.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Every well-appointed dressing room benefits from good lighting and mirrors, particularly a full-length one which can sometimes be fitted to the inside of the wardrobe door. However, for that extra touch of glamour to make you feel special as you get ready for a night out, opt for Hollywood mirrors that combine both. These have theatre dressing room style LED light bulbs all around the edge to provide perfect lighting. LED lights should be shatterproof and stay comfortably cool to the touch while having a dimmer switch to create softer lighting. With superior polished surfaces that are guaranteed to be blemish free, there’s no excuse for not looking like a star.