5 stag party ideas that will leave the groom awestruck

You have your best friend going to someone else and the stag party is the last bachelor party where you can have fun with him just like in the past? You are the one who has been shouldered with the mammoth responsibility to organize the best ever stag do for your man? Worry not! We are here to help you to cruise to success in this endeavour. It is pretty evident these days that all stag parties consist of booze and strippers (mostly) and more booze. If you want a change from this routine and have a blast in a different manner, you will have to think out of the box. It is not that difficult a task I am sure! After all, it is your best lad’s stag do, you got to make it the best and the most special.

We bring to you some of the most exciting and unparalleled ideas for the stag do of your best buddy that will leave him awestruck forever! Let the party begin guys!

A video of childhood to adulthood memories

You have known him since forever. You have known him the best. Surely, you are the person who owns the treasure trove of his best memories and the best pictures (wink). Which other day is better than compiling all the memories, the pictures and memorabilia in a heartfelt video than this and presenting it to him! Ask all your buddies who have in their galleries anything and everything related to him and incorporate that as well. Not to mention that the video must be sufficient to both embarrass him and make him emotional. With the video done right, there won’t be a better surprise that could have been given to him. I suppose your duty as a best friend will be done well.

Midnight secret drive to the party venue

The groom will be the one who would be the most excited for his stag do. use this excitement that he has to surprise him in the best possible manner. This is what your job, isn’t it. You just have to make one change, the time of the party. Tell the groom the incorrect time for the party and then execute your plan. Wake him up at the middle of the night before the decided day, take him to the venue where all your boys will already be present to welcome him. You will love the expression of sheer surprise on his face when he will reach his own stag party. Don’t forget to take his clothes that he would have decided to wear so that he can change into it from his night suit!

Party with the ‘stars’

Again, do not inform the groom about this. After all the preparations and discussions are done about the stag do are made, inform your guests about a slight change in the plan. The groom will think that his guys will be dressed in all the fancy suits and shoes, but let this be the surprise that awaits him. Ask your boys to be dressed as famous Bollywood celebrities for the stag party and then make a royal entry in front of the groom. You bet, he will be awestruck like never before. This one change in the plan will make the party the best one he has ever had, for sure!

The best car he has ever had

Your big boy is going to be a groom soon and he is all set for his stag do. Don’t you think he should have a fancy ride for the drive to the venue of the party? Plan your budget in a way that it can allow you to hire a shiny limousine or another such car that will bring him to the grand party. Rest assured, he will never forget this idea of yours all his life!

The best cake ever!

Now, this is the best way to make your boy die with laughter. You sure must have planned many hilarious things for his stag do, but getting a customized cake (a naughty one) will make him laugh out loud. It is quite easy to do this since many bakeries offer services to bake you the best ever cake for the stag do you have been so excited about.

Your best friend’s stag do is an event that not only him, but you yourself must have waited for since long. You being the best man must ensure that it is the best ever stag party anyone has seen. So, why keep it the regular booze party! Make it the most memorable party any of you have been a part of and your boy will the happiest you have ever seen him.