Countdown 67 days to go (a weekend roundup)


Being away from home means I am unable to jump on the scales first thing in the morning. This makes me feel a bit lost although it has only been one day that I have been away from them I like seeing the difference each day makes.

Today was all about planning and although others in the house had bacon sandwiches for breakfast I cooked myself scrambled egg and fried mushrooms. Lunch consisted of a Subway Chicken breast salad with Chipotle sauce and dinner was homemade Chicken fajitas (although I had the fillings without the wraps to keep syns down).

I did have a couple of Dark chocolate rolos and a dark chocolate rolo yogurt as well as a biscuit my daughter made with Nanny so it wasn’t a perfect day but I suppose it cod have been worse.

Tomorrow will be the real test, the event at Legoland in the morning is catered so to help me stay on plan I have bought some sliced apple, carrot sticks and some cherry tomatoes which I can have before we arrive. The dinner tomorrow will be at my Aunties house and will really test my ability to stay on plan but I reckon I will be able to make sensible choices and then have a small indulgence so I don’t feel like I am missing out.


Eating slices of apple and carrot sticks whilst the kids stuffed their faces with popcorn and ice cream at the Legoland event meant that the day started off well and when the real food came out I opted for quorn sausages (not in a barm),  corn on the cob and some fruit. This was a much better option than the sausage barms and lego shaped chips that were available so I felt ok about those choices. At the family gathering I had even more of a struggle as the food all looked and smelled gorgeous but I avoided anything in a creamy sauce, stuck to rice as my carb and added a lot of salad to my plate. I did try to escape before the temptation of pudding was served but the rain conspired against me and when faced with a table full of apple pie, roulade and tiramisu I opted for a bowl of strawberries with a small amount of double cream.

Again not a brilliant day but it’s all about the choices and I do have to live my life at the same time.

Our food shopping arrives tomorrow and it is packed full of speed and free food as well as some healthy extra b bread so I will be meal planning in the morning. This week should be fairly easy up until Elizabeth’s birthday on Saturday and Father’s day on Sunday but I should be able to plan around those and as long as the rest of the week goes well I am sure I will be in for a good loss come weigh in on Wednesday.