Do you use comparison sites to check you are getting a good energy deal?

We see information on energy companies and why we need to use comparison sites to switch on a daily basis, both in advertising and on TV programs. But what do we actually know about how to do it and how can we tell what the best deal is? It is a minefield of information and it is so confusing.

I am terrible, I forget to check the deals and my contract just rolls over, I’m probably spending so much more than I should on my bills but I never have the time to check or change via the comparison sites it’s just so much effort. I was chatting to Alice from lifeasalice, she said she spent years being the opposite and changing regularly, not because she knew what she was doing, she just couldn’t say no to the door knocker salesmen that come round. She said she changed companies about 5 times in a year because she felt guilty saying no to the people trying to sell her it; I know, I know, she’s a doughnut. Now, though, she’s like me, stuck in a rut and not bothering to change because it appears so confusing. So this post is about me learning and passing on the info to you, because I know I’m not alone in this blur of information.

Why should we compare and change Energy Supplier?

Well, quite simply, you could save hundreds of pounds if you change energy supplier… No, really, the adverts of the comparison sites always say that but I’ve always thought “yeah whatever, COULD, it’ll be about £3 or something”. I checked out Be an Energy Shopper provided by the Energy Regulator Ofgem, as it is free and impartial. It will always depend on which company and tariff you’re on already but you can save around £200 apparently, so it’s worth checking. The Switching Suppliers page has been really helpful and definitely worth a look for yourself.

Where to start?

Find an OFGEM registered comparison website to help you. The ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ website has a list of the 12 websites (subject to change) that they accredit; meaning they know they won’t rip you off or give you biased quotes (some companies will pay the websites to recommend them).

Renting? Pre-Paid or Smart meter? Moving house? All the other random things that you think might get in the way… All the info you need is on the FAQ page here.

What info will I need to compare tariffs?

One of the reasons I put off the task of checking was because of the many questions I was expecting to be asked and the info I would have to gather to do so. So just so you know, this is the information the comparison sites will need to help you get an accurate quote… you can thank me later.

  • Your address
  • What energy source you want to compare (or both)
  • Your supplier
  • What you usually pay
  • Your current tariff (if you know it)
  • Type of house & age of it (if you know it)
  • Your regular usage times etc (if you know it)

So what happens now I have my Quote?

Most of the quotes you receive from the companies used will give you a step by step guide to changing to your chosen energy supplier. But as above, it is helpful to have all the info you need to do so in front of you, so that you can do it quickly and not put it off, time is money you know?! The Switching Suppliers page on the Be an Energy Shopper website has all the info you will need for this

Is that it?

Yep, that really is it. The company will help you with any other information needed but it takes about the same time as it does to drink a cuppa (or two if you drink it fast). It will take up to 21 days to complete the switch and you will be kept informed as it progresses.   You may have to pay off any money you owe to your current supplier.

What did I learn from this?

Stop putting things off and make sure Alice reads this post!


This post is sponsored by Be an Energy Shopper