Christmas Traditions

Every family has their own Christmas traditions, from hanging the stockings to decorating the tree. When you get married and have children of your own you start to think about your own Christmas Traditions. The presents you always buy, the food you always eat. We have quite a few traditions in this house and this year is the first year for some that I hope to become family traditions in the years to come.

This year I have introduced a Christmas Eve box including some dvds, pyjamas and some popcorn. I hope that this goes down well so we continue this as I think it is a great way of making the children go to bed well on Christmas eve. I have also tried to be less commercial and more creative with the presents for the kids by making reindeer food and snowman soup as well as putting together shared presents like my den building box and my snowman kit. 

The last few years we have gone ice skating in the few weeks before Christmas, we have laughed at the rubbish department store Santas and we have each received a message from the real Santa from the Portable North Pole. We have waited for the snow to fall and then made snowmen. We have written Letters to Santa and chosen our one present carefully and we have always had new dressing gowns, slippers and new clothes for Christmas day. 

Every year I try to find clothes that are just a little different. Last year I dressed Hubby head to toe in Firetrap clothes that I managed to pick up cheap from Sports Direct and the year before the girl both had fancy dress costumes. Rather than go down the Onesie route that everyone seems to be thinking off this year I wanted to get the girls something a bit different. I wanted clothes that I can’t find on the high street that are colourful and fun. Looking at the Catmini girls range from Strawberry children I can see some fabulous bits that Elizabeth would love but I think Alison would hate them. Mind you with Alison becoming more and more like a tom boy then I am pretty sure that anything that doesn’t include a Marvel or DC hero will be frowned upon. It really is amazing how quickly her interests change. With Elizabeth as long as it is pink it is good but Alison is a lot more specific and I actually have to let her choose her own clothes now.

I  love Christmas traditions from when you open your presents to what you have for dinner, if you have a Christmas supper to what chocolates and snacks are out at this time of year. We all have memories that were formed about what Christmas is all about from our own childhoods and I cant wait to create the same sort of memories and feelings in my girls. What I hope they understand more than anything else is that it doesn’t matter where you spend Christmas or even if you celebrate it on the right day as long as you are surrounded by people you love. This is why I spent yesterday cooking a huge turkey and peeling potatoes. Later today I will be in the company of friends and family some of whom will only celebrate Christmas today. Friends who without us would not have a traditional Christmas dinner or the opportunity to exchange gifts, friends who mean the world to us even if it does mean me cooking Christmas Dinner every year. Maybe next year we will stay at home for Christmas day so I can actually cook and eat it on the right day. 

What Christmas Traditions do you remember from your childhood? 

Are you creating new ones with your family?

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