Classic Catch Phrase 


I love the tv show Catch Phrase but I wasn’t sure just how Ideal would manage to turn the hit tv show into a playable board game.

To start with like the show you need a Question Master, this did mean that I couldn’t play this at home as neither of the girls are old enough to play. We therefore waited until we visited family before having our first game.

The players split themselves into teams and the question master begins.

After setting up the Bonus board tray with the large catchphrase card and the 16 removable compartment covers the game begins.

The question master turns over the first small classic catchphrase card and starts the one minute timer. To guess the catchphrase the players have to stop the timer and make their guess, if they guess correctly they get £100 for each light still lit on the timer and the chance to remove one of the compartments from the large bonus board.

This continues until the large bonus board catchphrase has been correctly identified. Once this happens the team who guessed correctly receives £1000. Round two they receive £2000, round three £3000 and round four £4000. At the end of the four rounds the team with the most money goes through to the Super classic catchphrase round where they have to make it across the board with four adjoining small catchphrases. For the final round the large catchphrase board has sixteen small catchphrase cards inserted and then covered by the removable compartment covers. The timer is set to two minutes and the team has to shout stop the clock to make a guess and move across the board.

The game is fast paced and lots of fun with 999 catchphrases to answer it is not often you come up against one that you have already seen.

A great game to play in a group.