Choosing the right bed for your children and family

The application of colour plays an increasingly influential role in modern home design trends and remodelling projects, especially when it comes to the refurbishment of children’s rooms. If you are looking to redesign an infant’s room, however, there are a number of additional factors that require your attention if you are to achieve your design goals. The most important of these is the choice of bed, which has a critical impact in terms of the overall aesthetic and your child’s long-term comfort and posture.

The Most Popular Types of Children’s Bed

With this in mind, what are the most popular types of children’s bed and what are their major benefits? Consider the following: –

·         Bunk Beds: In many ways, bunk beds represent a timeless classic that are ideal for parents with similarly aged children and whose home has limited space. While they take up a considerable amount of room and floor space, they are fun, well-designed and enable siblings to form a genuine bond through the course of sharing a bedroom. If there is a significant age gap between your children or you are limited in terms of storage space, however, you may be better served by choosing an alternative option.
·         Mid Sleeper and High Sleeper Beds: One of the more modern trends has seen the development of mid and high sleeper beds, which in essence are an enhanced version of traditional divans and frames with in-built storage. These products feature an elevated mattress with variable amounts of space underneath, which can be used for storage or create a workspace for your child. It can even be used as a recreational space, where your infant may keep a games console or musical instrument. Either way, these beds are ideal for smaller rooms where there is a need for substantial and creative storage.
·         Theme and Novelty Beds for Children: Increasingly, designers have become increasingly keen to create novelty beds for children and parents with a keen sense of adventure. The contemporary range of themed beds is quite incredible, from colourful racing car frames to princess fairy platform beds with ample and creatively decorated storage. The potential cost of these beds is prohibitive, which means that they are only really ideal for families with inflated levels of disposable income and significant interior space. If you have a number of children and are operating on a stringent budget, however, novelty beds are not really for you.

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